I have always seen myself as a stills photographer, capturing a moment that tells a story about the subject. However necessity has led me to experiment with moving images too. My wife Laura has wanted video demonstrations to show techniques on her website and I have seen opportunities to record progress during things I have been involved with using time-lapse.

The videos shown here are some examples of the work I have done, using the video capabilities of the stills cameras I own and more recently using a GoPro Camera. I feel the same way about Video as I do about stills photography: The technicalities of how photography works offer some of the most interesting opportunities. So my video output so far has exploited time-lapse and shallow depth of field.

Where I see that I can say more with moving images I will continue to experiment and hopefully will produce something that still appears to be in my style, but I do not see it as the logical progression from stills in the same way that colour is not the logical progression from black and white. It is just an alternative, another language that comes with its own set of nuance.