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Web projects

Over the last few years I have been involved with a number of websites. I have worked on cleaning up sites that have become cluttered. I have created a product database to handle a massive number of products with multiple options, I have produced category images to assist in the navigation of sites and I have produced product images where there were none previously. The photographic elements of the web are what interest me the most and especially finding innovative ways of illustrating product that is perhaps a little awkward.

Websites that I have worked on:


I am married to a professional artist: Laura Boswell. She is a printmaker and as such she produces a large volume of work. The cost of framing and my disinclination to pay someone to do something that I feel I could do for myself drove me to learn how to mount and frame to help Laura. Over time I have become a proficient, professional framer with a well-equipped workshop. Whilst I do not want to become a commercial framer producing individual frames for the public I am interested in finding a few artist clients who have a similar need to Laura’s, small batches of frames in a consistent style.

For Laura this turned out to be Ash wood moulding and an ‘off-white’ textured mountboard. When we go to set up an exhibition this consistent ‘House Style’ gives coherence to her work and makes it much easier to hang together.

If you are interested in building a house style give me a call.